About Toggy

This is Toggy. I have had him since before I can even remember.  When I was little, I couldn’t say “doggy,” so his name became something that I could pronounce. As you can tell, I was pretty darn close to mastering the “d” sound, but then Toggy wouldn’t exist and he would just be Doggy! I would like to thank my delayed verbal development for Toggy’s existence.

While out at lunch celebrating my best friend’s birthday this year, I ordered corn chowder as my soup. I had never eaten corn chowder before. I liked it and I was glad I ordered it.

Now that Toggy lives through my blog, I decided he ordered chowder as well.

-Diana Tan Domantay 03/03/2012

*Remotely interesting fact: Toggy is a Sad Sam plush. http://www.sadsamandhoney.org/

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