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Unknowing Trade

Now I never will

trade away peaches without knowing

they are gold


Until now I never knew


Their worth

Their sweetness

Their shine


Or the sincere simplicity

I once held at their peak

Of ripeness


Which I cannot buy again

But can wait for


the honesty

to say hello to them



Next season



-Diana Tan Domantay 02/16/2012

A New Melody

A new melody is becoming everything


The movies and TV shows I’ve always had memorized

have not been seen in recent time


And the songs I grew up with

are being replaced


Not coldly or indifferently

just naturally


All because I feel something new

and it requires a new song to resonate with


Still indie

still emo

with the same punk rock cover


But with a whole new beauty

that takes me to be

swallowed by this different kind of melody


-Diana Tan Domantay 03/01/2012



Now we are adults

staring out into the lives we live

as the ones

who are supposed to know


To some extent

it is presumed

that each direction is determined by

a choice we make


As we take on


that suddenly feel strange

to be us


-Diana Tan Domantay 02/26/2012