Love Poem for Deutsch

My hopes are deepened

and on its own

monotony is disturbed enough

to open its eyes

to you


And I am healed with you


Simply because I do not know you yet


You are new


And I


Cannot be bored

And can only explore


How each word of you

is not


What I have always known a word to be


– Diana Tan Domantay 02/05/2012

Not Listening

You could not tell me who I was

or wasn’t


Or tell me that I wouldn’t know

either way


Only I


was allowed to make those declarations against myself




– Diana Tan Domantay 01/23/2012


I was so silly with you, man


You 23 year old (at the time) man

I told you I missed you when I had known you for less than a day


But if I had waited a moment longer

It just wouldn’t have been me


It was true though

I did miss you


And maybe that was why instead of laughing

You told me that it was okay


That it was natural for people to miss people sometimes


Then I smiled as if you had just granted me some eternal wisdom

and were lovingly accepting me


And were not just being nice to 21 year old (at the time) me


I was okay with you knowing that I was longing for you

And I guess so were you


Because we planned to see each other again soon


-Diana Tan Domantay 01/20/2012

To Frank O’Hara

You breathed notoriety into the beauty

That you believed one person possessed


All of the beauty in the whole world was incomparable to this beauty

That you believed one person possessed


So much that

you would trade anything for

a moment with

this one person


Give it up and

give it all away


To speak to this one person over

one common, sweet beverage


Dedicated to poet Frank O’Hara, especially for his poem “Having  A Coke With You”

-Diana Tan Domantay 01/15/2012


I think about you

at times

when I am walking along

new paths


It is sometimes that

these paths

wind to nowhere


And sometimes

I am lucky

to follow one

that leads me to a garden


Where the smell of flowers is real


And where

the world is vastly green and blue


Planted in a welcoming quietness


And in the yellow daisies

are the whispers of nearby trees

whom may soon bear fruit


Though it is impossible for one

to wait

for their readiness

to leave their branches


I understand


That I must have compassion in my

admittance that


It is difficult to wait for something

so sweet


And it is then

I cannot help but be reminded

of the countless hours you would spend

in gardens

that look exactly like this one


I smile and turn

As if you were there to speak to


I forget that you are not here


But it is now

I know

if you were


You would be waiting

(perhaps more patiently)


somewhere just like this



In memory of my mother who loved gardens

Concepcion Tan Domantay March 4, 1942-July 25, 2001

-Diana Tan Domantay 03/04/2012


Unknowing Trade

Now I never will

trade away peaches without knowing

they are gold


Until now I never knew


Their worth

Their sweetness

Their shine


Or the sincere simplicity

I once held at their peak

Of ripeness


Which I cannot buy again

But can wait for


the honesty

to say hello to them



Next season



-Diana Tan Domantay 02/16/2012


It’s funny believing in humility

To see yourself as something significant, yet small

and being ok with that


And knowing that you will

in some ways

never know


Yet always strive to understand


-Diana Tan Domantay 03/01/2012