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A Way

I am simply lost


I admit this and

defiantly do not care enough

to defend it

in any



I know there is a way to be found

(although knowing is not the same as believing)


And I do not seem to be trying to get there


For once

I am lost and not searching

for a way

to get further from

right here


I will stay in this spot

while my mind goes running ahead

filled with the thoughts and

expectations of what will be

realized when

I am found


But the way it will come across

and itself find


those places that I wish myself to become a part of

experiences I want to one day own

the person I believe I will become


Will ensure its return to me

in a way suddenly

not so defiant

and not so lost



Inspired by “Shake It Out” by Florence + the Machine

-Diana Tan Domantay 02/29/2012

A New Melody

A new melody is becoming everything


The movies and TV shows I’ve always had memorized

have not been seen in recent time


And the songs I grew up with

are being replaced


Not coldly or indifferently

just naturally


All because I feel something new

and it requires a new song to resonate with


Still indie

still emo

with the same punk rock cover


But with a whole new beauty

that takes me to be

swallowed by this different kind of melody


-Diana Tan Domantay 03/01/2012