About Me

My name is Diana Domantay (I usually sign my name with Tan in the middle in memory of my mom, but let’s not get technical here). I was born and raised in Tampa, Florida. I am 26 years old and I wanted to share my writing with you. Toggy Ordered Chowder is my newest blog, but I also believe it is already my favorite blog. :)

Poetry is the writing that comes most easily to me, though I am always exceptionally proud of myself when I am able to complete an essay (with an ending that makes sense too!). My stories, thoughts, and ponderings are sometimes sad. Sometimes they are unrealistic and unstoppable. They are either overly sincere or facetious. I know not of moderation. I hope you feel more glad to have read them then not.

With love,  

Diana Tan Domantay

The Best Part of Me

by Diana Tan Domantay

I’m a writer who wishes to speak

Not just with a pen

But with volume and a sound

So uncharacteristic of myself

And this is the best part of me

I believe

It is not modest

of me to say this

I believe

This is the best part of me

the most bold and able

the most free

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