There’s something

you still need to brush

with your palms, fingers,

every sense of touch.


Because you did not swim far enough,

for you, I will swim

to reach

what you did not.


Every ocean’s distance

I will shorten for you,

in my small pocket

is a hole to look through.


The view from a ledge

impatiently consumed,

to see, this time

the horizon reaching for you.



For he who wanted to touch the horizon

-Diana Tan Domantay 04/19/2012


4 responses »

    • Thank you so much, Evelyn! :) I haven’t been too active lately in the blogging world because it’s the end of my school semester. I will be visiting your blog again soon though because I enjoy your writing as well. =)

      Also, thank you for mentioning my pictures, lol. I take tons of pics with my phone and end up using them on here! :D

      • Yeah I know how you feel, the end of a semester is killer! It is definitely crunch time! & thanks hopefully you will enjoy some of new blog posts. I am looking forward to your feedback!

        Your Welcome Diana && keep on taking those pictures! :-)

  1. I really like the line “in my small pocket is a hole to look through.” I can really visualize it, and it’s a great contrast with the vastness of the ocean image.

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