Monthly Archives: April 2012


There’s something

you still need to brush

with your palms, fingers,

every sense of touch.


Because you did not swim far enough,

for you, I will swim

to reach

what you did not.


Every ocean’s distance

I will shorten for you,

in my small pocket

is a hole to look through.


The view from a ledge

impatiently consumed,

to see, this time

the horizon reaching for you.



For he who wanted to touch the horizon

-Diana Tan Domantay 04/19/2012


I sent you words

that left my door

open to you


They were not easy

but they were




and sincere


And they carried

all of my vulnerability


their ink


They laid

dried upon

one sheet of paper


That I folded into

a crisp, white



Which is no longer in my sight


But will soon be

in your possession


For the same mysterious one

-Diana Tan Domantay 04/06/2012

The Code

I cannot seem

to break it


In the way


You think I know how


I can offer

only guesses


That result

from no longer

knowing you

at all


My speculations

are those of


A stranger


Whose ability to decipher

is laughable


And solely serves

as a prolonging


Of my hope

to be allowed

to know



For the mysterious one

-Diana Tan Domantay 04/06/2012



I often wish

that lines

could blur


Or sometimes

not exist

at all


If only to allow

the idea of



To unravel itself


to admit


What it looks like

on days



The only thing

I really need

to see


Is the honesty

of a dirty face


And the foolishness

of  my own questions



-Diana Tan Domantay 04/08/2012