Monthly Archives: February 2012


I know that regret is useless

once the lesson is learned


To dwell

would be

to punish myself


and draw attention with raised flags


of no particular color


because it is already over


-Diana Tan Domantay 02/26/2012

Ties to You

Ties to you

are pathways

stretching from the past

forever looking forward towards what comes next


it is as if our lives are so

closely, yet loosely intertwined

that we feel we may dangle common conversation

above the world

in easy contentment


and still believe that it is something new and grand


it is in this easiness

so entirely second nature

that convinces me to believe

that ties to you are really freedoms


reminding me of strength and

in other moments introducing me to

a unique meaning of happiness

that is bestowed upon me


for knowing you

-For my best friend Jamie Samuel Wylie

 Diana Tan Domantay 01/22/2012

Why I Write

I write

because my heart


does not know

yet understands

that in the end

it will

start to know

it will learn

its own ability to change

and remain

to realize itself

it will always save

-Diana Tan Domantay 02/27/2012